We will work with you closely to understand the current needs of your business, and have a wide range of services available, but below are some of the cornerstones of what we offer via an ongoing support model, or one-off project basis.

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People Support

Being able to have an honest and open conversation about how things are going in work or at home with an objective party can be the difference between resolving a potential issue quickly and appropriately, and allowing something to develop behind the scenes until it reveals itself in the form of disruption to individual, team, and company performance.

Human Relations offers a confidential and empathetic space for all employees from the top floor to the shop floor to work through personal and professional challenges in order to reach their full potential.

1:1 Coaching

Coaching is a remarkably powerful and effective tool which is so often only offered to top level executives and business leaders. We at Human Relations believe the benefits of coaching should be available to all employees who might be facing a professional transition (promotion, new management responsibilities, returning from extended absence etc.).

As an extension of our standard emotional and practical support offering, we deliver affordable and accessible coaching to allow everyone the chance to reach their full potential as a human being, and subsequently, as an employee.

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L+D Strategy

If you understand the value of the people in your organisation, then you will understand the value of ensuring those people are fulfilling their human desire to learn – not to mention upskilling your people is plain good business. A robust and appropriate learning and development plan is a huge driver in employee engagement, but we understand that if hiring in-house HR is a little way away for the business, then a specific L+D team is even further off.

Human Relations will work with you to identify training needs across the business and can help design and facilitate bespoke courses that will be effective and deliver tangible ROI.

Traditional HR Support

Admin is nobody’s friend, and in this modern world it need not take up the time that it does. Through years of seeing different business’s approaches to executing the same simple tasks, we have developed ways that keep handling to a minimum whilst holding on to the level of accuracy needed for best practice.

These processes can be easily rolled out with a constant focus on the employee and employer experience. The personal touch is more important than ever these days, so we don’t believe in automation for automation’s sake!

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